Тот ещё Шелли (lexa) wrote,
Тот ещё Шелли

magic arts #14

I'm your e-male and you're my e-female.
You're almost nothing. You hardly exist
when I don't see you. Ordinary mail
is rather slow, but it can, at least,

bring me that funny mushroom of your 'R'
and your dry tears. As to mobile phones,
we both don't like them: there's something wrong
in senseless 'how are you?' when you're so far

from any 'how'. Thus, needless to say,
I got neither a reason nor a way

to prove someone's existence with this set
of tidy lines I got from LazerJet.

And yet I keep my ticket, so next spring
you may become a lovely human being.

Tags: рифмы

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    Земфиру замучили гады по имени Остин и Том. (Это всё, что вам надо знать про новый альбом.)

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